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Subject: RE: Obama Invades Africa
The real question is, when will China send troops to Afrika to protect its interests, in support of its Afrikan trading partners, now that the USA has set precedence.
Why should China not follow America’s example? And how likely is that now and in the future?
It is arguable that China has a larger commercial interest in Afrika than the USA.
Sometime during 2002, Dr Vince Hines, an Afrikan writer, based in the UK, in a radio interview, predicted that ‘the next global conflict will commence on Afrika’s sacred soil. He argued that was a logical progression as current industrial nations recognized that, whoever controlled Afrika’s vast natural resources, would be the real global powerhouse in the future.
The USA is now bankrupt, as a matter of public records. Americans coined the phrase, ‘fiscal cliff’, a metaphor for America’s current economic cul-de-sac.
History teaches that empires come and go, even the ones in denial. If anyone doubts this, ask the British nation. The only potential complication with this natural order is when the player refuses to leave the ‘stage’ - as the English playwright, William Shakespeare, described it, demanding extra performing time, not recognizing that time is up.
A bankrupt state with powerful military assets, in addition to having over one thousand military active bases across the world, is unlikely to leave quietly. “What have we got to lose” doctrine is likely to kick in, among military planners. This question is likely to be sufficient temptation for the Leadership to yield and grab what is possible from perceived ‘weaker nations’; and, given available firing power, if necessary, fight other nations to keep the booty.
Afrikans at home and abroad must avoid being trampled like grass under feet, while elephants fight. Among nations, there is no permanent friendship; only permanent interest.
Dr Hines said that Diasporan and Continental Afrikans and their supporters must do what was necessary to be involved in progressive operations on the Continent of Africa, in order to influence positive outcomes for Afrikans at home and abroad.
It could be that the USA feels that some Afrikans need protection from themselves, who are unable to navigate their future, even in light of the fact that Afrika and Afrikans had been looking after their affairs satisfactorily, before and during modern homo-sapiens stages for over one hundred and sixty thousands years, even before Caucasians and anyone else saw the light of day.
The problem began when Afrikans were injected with foreign doctrines of all sorts – religious, economic, political, linguistic and cultural. In the process of accommodating foreign values and associated contradictions, Afrikans lost sight of Primary Afrikan Data, even their deities, in many instances. We must refocus to regain balance, even in light of current local and regional tribal challenges.
Global Afrika and Afrikans should always keep this in our conscious minds. Demands and commitments to manage our Afrikan affairs are not calls for anti-American sentiments. This should also be kept in mind.
Ba Afrika wrote a poem on 15.01.2007, “DANCE OF THE HOUSE SNAIL”, which warned of the danger of significant division in Afrika between two powerful forces. The poem is reproduced below.
Editorial Collective
Self-Help News – “Giving Voice to the Voiceless”
Dance of the House Snail
Oh silent Snail
What brought you here?
Slowly shuffling
Stopping and
Wiggling your
Black Snail
Where is your
Protective shell?
You could have been
In the Dark
Moving silently
Leaving behind
Clear patterns from
Your silver excretions.
Is that a message
You scrolled on
The dusty floor ?
Are we mortals to
Understand the degrees of
Your movements
Your turns and twists
Your forwards and backwards
Your circles
Your stops ?
Silent Black Snail
Is that an outline of
Is that QAMT?
Is that KEMET?
Is that MIGRAIN?
Is that ORTEGIA?
Silent One
Why have you
Shown an International Boundary Line
Dividing ALKEBU-LAN in two parts ?
Why have you shown a two
Nation Continent?
The lesser geographical mass
In the North and
The Greater
In the Unified East, Central and South.
The West,
Merged with the
North’s Mass,
No longer functioning
What are those Great structures,
Along the ALKEBU-LAN shores of
The Atlantic Oceans?
Two lay bare along the New North and
Two lay bare along the New South.
Are these friendly structures?
Are these the signs of
Great wealth and prosperity
For the ALKEBU-LAN peoples?
Are they indications of
Two Super Powers emerging from
Do they indicate Great and lasting Unity?
Do they indicate
Great and lasting Divisions?
Are they friendly structures?
Are they hostile structures?
Would the Ancestors approve?
Is this our Destiny?
Is this the Future?
Silent Snail
Have you a message
For us?
Moving silently and slowly
Disappearing into
The unknown.
Ba ~Afrika
"You cannot plow a field by turning it over in your mind" Unknown
Paule-Sylvie Yonke
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